Who the run world? Girls

First shout out to all the females out there as we celebrate National Women’s Day Panther Elite style as we introduce you to our female athletes starting out with Chelsea.

OG Nebraska: Chelsea was the original female Panther Elite playing for first session on both comp and rec before having to move to Nebraska- yes Nebraska. Might be faster than the Captain Bis, and is dearly missed.

Migonne: Her nickname maybe Mini but she is taller than Ami- with a personality bigger than bellies on mall Santa’s. Able to play all three positions- Mini is able provide a calm and steady presence on the rec team. She was officially the second female to become Panther Elite.

Hawa: She might be the true Panther Elite enforcer after all the bodies she has left in her defensive wake. Fearless and brutal to those who dare cross her path- she anchors the Panther Elite Crimson defense, and is destined for a career aa WWE Superstar one day.

Kushang: Whether she’s in the midfield- or back on defense- she has a real nose for the ball, and always shows real grit and determination whenever she is on the field. Also she babysits her little brother during games, who is now my assistant coach even though he is like 5 years old, and is more interested in watching Coco Melon than discussing formation strategy with me. Her brother also picks on Sumaili which makes me smile.

Eugenia: Rounding out the fabulous foursome of fiery females is Eugenia: who many on the internet claim could be the sleeper MVP of the team. Best offensive player on the rec team- with the ability to match up on any opponent on defense. The elusive Eugenia will be leaving defenses clueless goal after goal after goal all season long.

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