Allow us to introduce ourselves: our names are Black Panther Elite U14

So here at The Panther Elite Soccer Club we are a bit different: we change it up by bringing the season right to our fans with insight, information, and tales of the squad. As session 2 has kicked off I, Coach Bernard, am here to properly introduce you, the rabid Panther Elite fan base, to the U14 team. A team who the pundits of the NH Youth Indoor Soccer Competitive Division B Draft King preview podcast have predicted to finish in 5th place out of 12 teams. I, however, as their faithful coach predict first place because as we all know Panther Elite is every opportunity shot! Everything Panther Elite! And Panther Elite over everything cause all those other teams are just lacking.

But I digress…So sit back, and relax as I take you Panther Elite fans to some of the U14 Standouts:

Captain Biswas: The heart of our defense- faster than hiccup and just as annoying to the strikers he terrorizes on defense. Top notch to speed to close down on a striker like a precise driven drone. Also most likely to end up on GQ cover.

Dedieu the Saint: A player so good you might think he was a demon who sold his soul for his soccer prowess. Anchors the defense with Biswas- and is our point guard on offense starting the attack from the back.

Paul Junior: Paul is not a junior-though he thought he was- not realizing your dad would have to be named Paul for that to work. Maybe he is a junior in the sense their is no true father to his soccer style and he is the love child of Messi and Neymar Jr. He’s also the player who made me fall in love with soccer, and carried the middle school team I coached to a second place finish while leading that league in goals. Has the the ability to take over games and score at will when in the right mindset.

Sumaili(pronounced Smiley): Smiley is our midfield general- an elite scorer and the one player I never have to yell at to run back on defense. In fact the only time I have to yell at him is off the field- and then it’s plentiful. Also is always asking me for chocolate.

Classified information: Player can only be witnessed in person. Last seen vacationing in Dubai.

Sadiki: Silky smooth scorer who can play all over the field. Might have the most drip on the team as proved here.

Sosthene: Panther Elite’s Draymond Green. The soft spoken enforcer who provides power, scoring, and strength off the bench. Don’t let his easy going demeanor fool you: he is not one to be tested.

Tall Guy: The goalie. He’s very, very good. Sometimes coach calls him Jaden. That’s not his name. Neither is Tall Guy.

King Ami: One of the top players from the U12 squad that round out the U14 bench. Been teammates with Tall Guy since September- still only knows him as Tall Guy. Ami is not very tall. Controls the midfield for U12- controls the bench for 14U.

Sabin: A call up from the U12 team and player whose name I “used” to always butcher- mostly because Sabin and his teammates would always tell me I was wrong when I was right pronouncing it correctly: or vice versa telling me it was right if I was saying it wrong: funny I know. Deceptively fast: provides defense and energy for U14-but is a top scorer for the U12 squad.

Connor: The new kid added for session 2: dropped into the den with the rest of the panthers and fit right in- not sure what that says about him 😂. Hustle and grind speed striker off the bench that provides energy, grit, and scoring. Probably would would be described by an older sports writer as a gym rat.

The Panther Elite are currently 2-4 coming off a dominating and avenging 4-1 win over fifth place Flood(yes that same Flood that had beaten us last session).

The record of the three teams we have lost to is 13-2-and they currently reside in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. We blew leads and lost closes games to all of them- so revenge is on our mind as the season goes on. And make sure to keep checking back for more updates on all the teams as the weeks go on. And always remember every opportunity shot! Everything Panther Elite! Because Panther Elite over everything!

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